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"Books on Tape" are used as an important educational tool. It is a vital format for students that tend to be primarily auditory learners.

Questions for Inquiry:

How can you help students who are primarily auditory learners? If you are having difficulty reading a specific book or genre, could listening to it, may help you obtain better understanding of the subject?


Books on Tape, Sound recordings (musical & non-musical)

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Sound recordings (musical and non-musical), Books on Tape.

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"Books on Tape" are available in almost every subject throughout the entire Dewey Decimal Classification stysem.

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Age Group: Books on Tape can and should used by all age groups.
Elementary School
Middle School - Our collection is intended to be used by students in grades six through eight.
High School
How do you use this reading approach?
This is a pretty self-explanatory method -- most books can be put on tape at a reasonable rate. Many consider this cheating, but books on tape are a great tool. While these are commonly used for older students, there is no reason not to use them in conjunction with re-mediation with a struggling younger reader. Books on tape allow younger students to not only work on the mechanics of reading, but also to engage with writing that is at their intellectual level, not just their reading level. Books on tape will engage the student to think, and feel. To order a book on tape, contact either 'Recorder Books', 'Recordings for the Blind', book stores, the 'Helen Keller foundation', or the 'Lighthouse'.



Clinton, Bill. My Life. Students can hear a former United States President reading his account of his own life. We carry a wide variety of subjects from history, science fiction, to fantasy. A very poplar selection still remains to be the entire Harry Potter collection.



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