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Do you know what the audio book is? An audio book is a recording of the contents of a book distributed on cassette tapes and CDs or downloadable format on the Internet. The same author of the books or noted actors and actresses usually read the audio books.

There are two types of audio books, Unabridged and abridged audio books. Unabridged audio books are word for word readings of a book, while abridged audio books have text edited out by the editor.

Most new popular titles published by the major publishers are available in audio book format simultaneously with publication of the hardcover edition.
The popularity of portable music players such as the iPod has made audio books more accessible to people for portable listening. This has led to a boom in the creation of audio books. People can purchase and download audio books from online Stores such as Apple’s iTune Store and or download free audio books from Librivox website, which provides works taken from the public domain and enlist volunteers to read them.

There are special library programs such as The National Library of Congress and The Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking Book Library in New York City which provide free audio book library services to blind and visually impaired people. Requested books are mailed out to clients without any cost.

This pathfinder will help you to discover the sample of audio books, the efficient way to use audio books, online and community resources, and the general tips for searching audio books through library catalogs or on the Internet.

Questions for Inquiry:


- Use “sound recording” or "books on tape", "audio books" as the category for searching audio books in the library catalog system
- A SPECIFIC AUTHOR - keyword to search for LAST NAME, then look for “sound recording
- A SPECIFIC READER - keyword to search for READER'S LAST NAME, then look for “sound recording
- CASSETTE AUDIOBOOKS - keyword to search for CASSETTE or just go to Audio Books on Cassette Tape
- COMPACT DISC AUDIOBOOKS - keyword to search for COMPACT DISC or just go to Audio Books on Compact Disc
- UNABRIDGED AUDIOBOOKS - keyword to search for UNABRIDGED or just go to Unabridged Audio Books on Cassette Tape or Unabridged Audio Books on Compact Disc
- ABRIDGED AUDIOBOOKS - keyword to search for ABRIDGED

Subject Headings:

Dewey Decimal Classification(s):

CCD AUD 000, CCD AUD 100, CCD AUD 200, CCD AUD 300, CCD AUD 400, CCD AUD 500, CCD AUD 600, CCD AUD 700, CCD AUD 800, CCD AUD 900, CCD AUD E, CCD AUD Fic, CCD AUD B

Key Books

Fiction Audio Books:

Title: Harry Potter
Author: J. K. Rowling

Title: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Author: Roald Dahl, performed by the author

Title: Sounder
Author: William H. Armstrong, performed by Avery Brooks

Title: Stone Soup: An Old Tale
Author: Marcia Brown

Non-Fiction Audio Books:

Title: Wilbur and Orville Wright
Author: Augusta Stevenson

Title: Martin’s Big Words
Author: Doreen Rappaport

Title: Be a Friend to Trees
Author: Patricia Lauber


Listening Practice for Young Audio Book Users

Audio books’ listening is one of types of reading that increases general literacy, and can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime.
The Strategies that maximize the benefits derived from listening to an audio book include:
- Replaying: Depending upon listener’s degree of attention and interest, it is often necessary to listen to segments of an audio book more than once to allow the content to be fully comprehended. Replaying can be done immediately or after extended periods of time.
- Listening and Reading: A listener may listen to an audio book while following along in the printed book. This helps the reader to learn vocabulary and comprehend the content they may not learn efficiently if they were to just read the book.

General Tips for Searching Audio Books:
1) Leave off any leading words like “THE” and “A”.
2) Check your spelling.
3) Do not use punctuation like hyphens, apostrophes, quotations, etc.
4) Do not use +, -, or other boolean tags.
5) Try entering a word or two from the title and the last name of the author or reader if you don't know the complete title.
6) Searches are not case sensitive. I.E. If you are looking for J. K. Rowling’s titles, inserting “Rowling” or “rowling” in the search area returns the same results.
7) More general searches are often better. You can be as specific as you like in any search; however, if you don't enter the name exactly as it is in the database, you may not find what you want. I.E. Search for Brown instead of MARCIA BROWN.
8) Go to audio/video section to browse the shelves in the library.



Magazine Articles

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Web Sites:





Community and Internet Resources:

The National Library Services
National Library Talking Books Services is a free library service available to U.S. residents and citizens living abroad whose low vision, blindness, or physical handicap makes it difficult to read standard printed materials. Local cooperating libraries throughout the United States mail NLS audio books, magazines, and audio equipment directly to enrollees at no cost. Braille books and magazines are also available to patrons at no cost.

Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking Book Library
Address: 40 West 20th street, New York, New York 10011-4211
Tel; 212-206-5400
Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking Book Library, a branch of The New York Public Library, offers popular books, bestsellers, romance novels, mysteries, books for children and teenagers, and magazine both in Braille and talking books on cassette. The library also provides specialized audio playback equipment for listening to recorded books and magazines, and adaptive technology free of charge.

LibriVox a totally volunteer, open source, free content, public domain project that provides free audio books to the public users. LibriVox volunteers record chapters of books in the public domain and release the audio files back onto the net. LibriVox is to make all public domain books available as free audio books. We are

OverDrive® Audio Books®
The OverDrive® Audio Books® is the next-generation platform for digital spoken word audio! The company provides users with a wide selection of titles that can be enjoyed anywhere - anytime.

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