Name of Collection: British Poetry

School Name: Spence School

Address: 22 East 91, New York, NY 10128

Phone: 212-289-5940

Fax: 212-289-5940

Librarian: Eileen F. Keenan

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Introduction: British poets as well as their poetry are highlighted in this CCD collection. Resources are accessed through the name of the poet, and poetry collections.

Questions for Inquiry: How can I find British Poetry?; Who was William Shakespeare as a poet?

Keywords: Poets, English; Childrren's Poetry; Poet's name (last name first)

Subject Headings:

Dewey Decimal Classification(s): 821; 821 (for individual poets); 808 (collections with American Poetry)

Key Books: Poets: American and British (3 volumes) REF 821

Reference: Notable Poets REF 809.1; World Poets REF 809.1; All things Shakespeare REF 822.3 O

Non-fiction: Anthology of 20th C. British Poetry 808.1; Child's Anthology of Poetry 808.1; Poetry for Students 808.1; Individual Poets 821


Magazine Articles

• Print:

• Online:


Web Sites: Christian Poetry, English ; War Poetry

Videos/DVDs: Individual poets videos 821;Shakespeare: Selected Sonnets VC 821 S




Community Resources:

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*An asterisk next to material indicates that it is recommended in this subject area but not available in this CCD collection.