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This resource is geared to the needs and interests of elementary school students and their families. The scope of our collection covers all aspects of food--from growing, to harvesting, to preparation, and consumption. Our collection encompasses fiction, picture books, informational texts, poetry, and professional resources for teaching with these materials. Resources include cookbooks, books on individual kinds of foods, nutrition, and fiction with cooking themes, as well as resources on careers in cooking.

Questions for Inquiry:

What kinds of jobs or careers are there involving food and cooking?
Is chocolate bad for you?
What did people eat during Colonial times? Why?
Where can I find a recipe for. . .?
What can I do to help fight world hunger?


baking, chefs, cooking, diet, eating, food, gardening, nutrition, recipes, restaurants

Subject Headings:

Baking, Chocolate, Cookery, Cooking, Cooks, Gardening, Health, Nutrition, Restaurants, Spices

Dewey Decimal Classification(s):

Browsing area for cookbooks: 641.5
394.12, 540; 641; 664.5; 811; FIC; P

Key Books:


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Picture Books

Brown, Marcia. Stone Soup. New York : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 1975 (387.2 BRO)
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Dooley, Norah. Everybody Bakes Bread. Minneapolis : Carolrhoda Books, c1996. (P DOO)
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Magazine Articles

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Primary Source Documents

The New York Public Library Menu Collection
Research Guide

Web Sites:

The Accidental Scientist: The Science of Cooking
The museum of science, art and human perception at the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco
Big Cook Little Cook
BBC television series for pre-schoolers, with kitchen activities
Recipes from Across the U.S.A. , with state food symbols and state agricultural products
Cookbooks Based on Children's Books
A bibliography of cookbooks related to children's stories.
Cooking with Kids
from the Home & Family Network
Culture Kitchen
a cooking school and forum for cultural exchange through food; instructors are immigrant women from many regions.
The Food Museum
exhibits on food history and food heritage sites
The Food Timeline
Ever wonder what foods the Vikings ate when they set off to explore the new world? How Thomas Jefferson made his ice cream? Find out here.
Immigration: The Great American Potluck
From the Library of Congress, American Memory site, recipes from different traditions
Jama's Alphabet Soup
a blog about food-related literature by the author of Dumpling Soup, Jama Kim Rattigan. Includes recipes by authors and illustrators.
Kids Health: Cooking and Recipes
From the "Kids Health" website
Martha Stewart, "Cooking With Kids"
A collection of recipes, especially for kids
Molly Katzen's Kids Corner
from the author of Pretend Soup, Salad People, and Honest Pretzels.
Moo Milk
An educational website about cows and milk with facts, contests, games and recipes.
Organic Kids
From the Rodale Institute, dedicated to organic/regenerative farming methods with people worldwide. Includes a link to recipes.
The Potato Museum
Everything you've always wanted to know about the potato--and more; includes teacher resources page.
Powerful Bones Powerful Girls
From the Center for Disease Control and the National Osteoporosis Foundation
Recipes in Pictures
Follow simple recipes, in text or in picture diagrams! Includes recipes for deviled eggs, scones, and more. From Bry-Back Manor.
Science in the KitchenThe kitchen is often a child’s first venue for learning about chemistry and physical changes in materials. What happens when we mix certain ingredients? Does it matter how much of each ingredient we use in a recipe? How does the cake batter change in the oven? From PBS Parents site.
Solar Cooking
Build a solar cooker! From PBS' Zoom.
Sweet Reads
a blog on books and baking for kids.
From tv celebrity chef Rachael Ray


Chemistry of Cooking. Classroom Media. 2000. 20 February 2008. <>
Cooking for Kids. 4 DVDs., Title Set Distribution, 2006.*
The Magic School Bus Gets Ready, Set, Dough. Scholastic. 1994. 20 February 2008. <>

TV Shows:

Unwrapped (Food Network)
Uncovers behind-the-scenes details on classic American food, from peanut butter and chocolate syrup to French fries and bubblegum.

Community Resources:

Cooking Classes for Kids in NYC:
Institute for Culinary Education (ICE)
Whole Foods Culinary Center

Community Service Opportunities:

Heifer International
"Read to Feed" Program
City Harvest
Run a Food Drive

Curriculum Standards Related to This Topic:

Social Studies Learning Standards and Core Curriculum
New York State Education Department
English Language Arts, Core Curriculum
New York State Education Department
AASL Standards for the 21st-Century Learner**
American Association of School Librarians

*An asterisk next to material indicates that it is recommended in this subject area but not available in this CCD collection.