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The topic of Environmental Science is a broad one. The purpose of this Pathfinder is to help students and teachers to find pertinent information about one topic within the collection: Global Warming. Other Pathfinders will be created for other topics within the collection as time goes on.

Questions for Inquiry:

What is global warming?
Is it a real concern?
What causes it?
Can it be prevented or reversed?
What can we learn from studying the changing temperatures and climate over the past century?

Keywords: Environment, Global Warming,

Subject Headings: 1. Global Warming, 2. Greenhouse effect--atmospheric, 3. Climactic Changes.
Dewey Decimal Classification(s): You may find useful books to take with you in the following sections: 363.7, 551.5

Key Books


Egendorf, Laura K., book editor. Opposing Viewpoints: the environment. New York: Thomson Gale, 2005. CCD REF 333.7 ENV

Goudie, Andrew. Encyclopedia of global change: environmental change and human society. New York: Oxford University Press, 2002. CCD REF 363.7 ENC

Woodward, John and Jennifer Skancke, book editors. Conserving the Environment: New York:Thomson Gale, 2006 (Look at chapter one: Is the environment in jeopardy? CCD 333.72 CON


For Teachers: Grant, Tim and Gail Littlejohn, editors. Teaching about climate change: cool schools tackle global warming. New York: New Society Publishers, Green Teacher, 2001. CCD PRO 363.78 TEA

For Students and teachers:
Berger, John J. Beating the heat: why and how we must combat global warming. Berkeley, CA: Berkeley Hills Books, 2000 CCD 363.738 BER

Christianson, Gale E. Greenhouse: the 200 year story of global warming. New York: Walker and Co., 1999. 363.738 CHR

Haddock, Patricia. Environmental Time Bomb. Berkeley Heights, New Jersey: Enslow, 2000 CCD 363.7 HAD

Spilsbury, Richard. Climate Change Catastrophe. NY: Rosen Central, 2010.


Magazine Articles

• Print:

• Online:


Beaucoup. com, type in "global warming"

Web Sites: warmingwww.


Opposing Viewpoints Pamphlets, What will be the effects of global warming?, San Diego, CA: Greenhaven, 1997.
Opposing Viewpoints Pamphlets, Does global warming pose a serious threat?, San Diego, CA, Greenhaven, 1997


*DVD/363.7 INC An Inconvenient Truth: a global warning. Al Gore narrates this documentary on the dangers of global warming; he refutes the misconceptions about it and shows how it will effect our planet's future if not stopped.

CCD VHS 551.5 WGB Chasing El Nino: Nova television program. Boston: WGHB TV & Flesherfilms Inc., 1998
(Through spectaclar footage and research scientists track El Nino and attempt to predict when and where it will next occur. The question is asked: Is global warming to blame?)

CCD VHS 551.5 KNO Global Warming: "Hot enough for you" Madison WI: Knowledge Unlimited, 2000.

CCD DVD 363.73 GLO Global Warming The Signs and the Science. South Carolina: PBS, 2005 (In this PBS DVD people face their vulnerability to climate change and have launched initiatives to reduce its impact.)




Community Resources: Organizations to Contact:

Global Warming International Center (GWIC)
22W381 Seventy Fifth St.
Naperville, IL 60565
Sierra Club : a nonprofit public interest organization thar promotes conservation of the natural environment by influencing public policy decisions.
85 Second St.
San Francisco, CA 94105
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): government agency in charge of protecting human health and safeguarding the natural environment.
Ariel Ross Bldg., 1200 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20460

Curriculum Standards Related to This Topic:

New York City Performance Standard S3: Earth and Space Science Concepts
The student produces evidence that demonstrates understanding of changes in the global climate.
The student produces evidence that demonstrates understanding of natural resource management.

*An asterisk next to material indicates that it is recommended in this subject area but not available in this CCD collection.