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Introduction: A folktale is a story which has been passed down from one person to another for generations. These traditional stories from around the world are symbolic in presenting the different ways humans cope with the world they live in. They are part of an oral tradition that reflect a culture's values. A fairy tale is a type of folktale. Similiar to folktales, they were told over and over again. Folklore and fairy tales deal with a wide spectrum of issues and topics. They are both traditional shared stories which have undergone change with each telling. Our collection includes suitable material for all ages.

Questions for Inquiry:

What are the unique characteristics of folktales? Fairy Tales?
How does a folktale differ from a fairy tale?
What are some common situations that can be used for folktales or fairy tales?


Fairy Tales





Oral traditions

Subject Headings:

Fairy tales, folktales, folklore, fractured fairy tales, legends, ballads, ethnic folklore (for example: German folklore, Irish folklore, Italian folklore, etc.)

Dewey Decimal Classification(s):

398, 398.2, 398.21, 398.22, 398.23, 398.209, 398.22, 398.23, 398.24, 398.25, 398.27, 398.4, 398.6, 398.8, Fic

Key Books

Rosinsky, Natalie. Write Your Own Fable. Minneapolis: Compass Point Books. 2009.
Rosinsky, Natalie. Write Your Own Fairy Tale. Minneapolis: Compass Point Books. 2009.
Rosinsky, Natalies Write Your Own Tall Tale. Minneapolis: Compass Point Books. 2008.

Write Your Own Series teaches students how to craft characters and plots for successful writing. Included are tips to get started, viewpoints, dialogue and other topics.


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Books: Dewey Decimal Classification 398, 398.2, 398.21, 398.23

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A comprehensive study of folklore, useful for teachers doing folklore units.

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Individual tales that can be read aloud.

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Graphic Novels

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The following articles can be found on-line at
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Nelson Mandelas Favorite African Folktales. 2009.
A sound recording of a collection of traditional stories from different parts of Africa.

Faerie Tale Theatre - Tales from the Brothers Grimm. 2008.

Thumbelina and other Fairy Tales. 2005.
Sound recording.

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