Name of Collection: Graphic Novels

School Name: IS 278 Marine Park

Address: 1925 Stuart Street

Phone: 718.375.3523

Fax: 718.998.7324

Librarian: Esther Keller

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Graphic Novels have taken libraries by storm! This pathfinder is for librarians looking to find out more about graphic novels in libraries, based on the information I used to start my graphic novel collection and the information I use to maintain my middle school graphic novel collection.

Questions for Inquiry:

  • How can I integrate graphic novels into my library's collection?
  • What are some of the core books I should add to my library's collection?
  • Where can I learn more about graphic novels and its impact on literacy?


comic books
graphic novels

Subject Headings:

comic book, strips
graphic novels
cartoons and comics

Dewey Decimal Classification(s):

741.5 and if its non-fiction the appropriate Dewey # according to its subject area

Key [Favorite] Books:

Michael Uslan & Paul Kupperberg
Archie the Married Life
New York : Archie Comic Publications, 2011
Summary: Archie gets married. In one version of the story, Archie marries Veronica. But if she isn't your choice for Archie, then read the other story... where Archie marries Betty.


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Blogs to Follow:

Good Comics for Kids

Robot 6

The Graphic Classroom

The Manga Critic

Manga Guide

Web Sites:
Great Graphic Novel Reads for Teens
Yalsa's newest selection list debuted in January 2007. Nominations are now open for year 2.

ICV2 is the top source of information on the business of comics

GNLIB - Graphic Novels in Library Listserv
A listserv that discusses graphic novels.

Comic Books: A Guide for Librarians.
This sight was designed to introduce teachers and librarian's to the diverse world of comics and to encourage libraries serving young adults to add graphic novels.

No Flying No Tights
This sight started as a school project, but it's come very far. This is the place to go to find core books for your collection and to keep up with the latest books!

Diamond Comics Bookshelf
Monthly reviews on comics and they even include lesson plans from the biggest comic book and graphic novel distributor in the U.S.

Using Graphic Novels in the Classroom
A guide for teachers on how to use graphic novels in the classroom and it includes a discussion guide for Bone by Jeff Smith.

Teaching Comics
A site dedicated to helping teachers use comics in the classroom.

Dealing with Challenges to Graphic Novels
While dealing with graphic novels should be no different than dealing with challenges to traditional library material, many people consider an image more powerful than words. This website offers tips on how to deal with challenges to this up and coming medium.

Reading with Pictures
A not-for-profit initiative to bring comics into the classroom as a literacy tools. Manga

Community Resources:

Brooklyn Public Library

New York Public Library

Queens Borough Public Library
Today, public libraries are all ordering many graphic novels for childrens, teens, and adults.

MoCCA - Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art

Go to your local comic book shop or bookstore...
The above site allows you to put in your zipcode and they'll list your local comic book shop.

Curriculum Standards Related to This Topic:

New York State Learning Standards: Language Arts

Common Core Standards

*An asterisk next to material indicates that it is recommended in this subject area but not available in this CCD collection.