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The historical fiction collection contains books and DVDs that portray a specific time period in history or an historical event.

Questions for Inquiry:

  • What resources are there in the area of historical fiction?
  • How can we integrate historical fiction into the social studies or english curriculum?


Historical fiction

Subject Headings:

  • Historical fiction
  • War stories
  • War films
  • Name of place - Fiction (ex. China - Fiction)

Dewey Decimal Classification(s):


Key Books:

Bradley, Marion Zimmer. The Mists of Avalon. New York, Del Rey, 2001.
A re-creation of the Arthurian legend following the clash between Christianity and paganism that led to the demise of Camelot.

Buck, Pearl S. The Good Earth. New York: Washington Square Press, 2004.
The story of a Chinese peasant and his passionate, dogged accumulation of land during famine, drought, and revolution.

Golden, Arthur. Memoirs of a Geisha. New York: Vintage Contemporaries, 1999.
Nitta Sayuri, a young Japanese woman who was taken from her home at the age of nine and sold into slavery as a geisha, discovers a rare opportunity for freedom when the outbreak of World War II forces an end to the only life she has ever known.

Heller, Joseph. Catch-22. New York: Simon & Schuster Paperbacks, 2004.
The story of a bombardier in World War II who is frantic and angry because thousands of people he does not know are trying to kill him.

Lee, Harper. To Kill a Mockingbird. New York: Harper Perennial Modern Classics, 2006.
Scout Finch, the young daughter of a local attorney in the Deep South during the 1930s, tells of her father's defense of an African-American man charged with the rape of a white girl.

Styron, William. Sophie's Choice. New York: Vintage International, 1992.
Three friends, Stingo, a twenty-two-year-old writer; Sophie, a survivor of the Nazi camps; and Nathan, her mercurial lover, share magical, heart-warming times until doom overtakes them as Sophie's and Nathan's darkest secrets are revealed.


Adamson, Lynda G. American Historical Fiction : an annotated guide to novels for adults and young adults. Phoenix, AZ:
Oryx Press, 1999.
This book contains nearly 5000 entries which are organized by historical time, period and region. The book is indexed by author, title, genre and subject.

Adamson, Lynda G. World Historical Fiction: an annotated guide to novels for adults and young adults. Phoenix, AZ: Oryx
Press, 1998.
Lists over 6,000 titles organized by geographic setting and time period. Award winners and titles suitable for young adults are listed.

Hartman, Donald K. and Gregg Sapp. Historical Figures in Fiction. Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press, 1995.
Lists 4,200 novels organized by 1,500 significant historical characters.

Howard, Elizabeth F. America as Story: historical fiction for secondary schools. Chiciago, IL: American Library Association,
About 150 books are listed under seven broad historical periods from colonial America to the modern world.

Johnson, Sarah L. Historical Fiction: a guide to the genre. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited, 2005.
Titles are organized by 13 subgenres, which is then broken down by time, place or subject.

Magazine Articles:

• Online:

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All the President’s Men. DVD. Warner Home Video, 2006.
Ghosts of Mississippi. 1996. DVD. Warner Home Video, 2000.
Judgment at Nuremberg. 1961. DVD. MGM Home Entertainment, 2004.
War and Remembrance. DVD. MPI Home Video, 2004.


The American West: Myth & Reality: The Literary Western Hero

Lord of the Flies: The Ironic Contrast between Fiction & Reality

Michael Wood: In Search of Myths & Heroes: Arthur: The Once & Future King

Community Resources:

Queensborough Public Library

Museum of the Moving Image

Queensborough Community College Holocaust Resource Center and Archives

Curriculum Standards Related to This Topic:

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