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Immigration has been and continues to be a controversial issue. These resources cover various aspects of immigration from the time of the first Americans (around 20,000-15,000BC) to present times.

Questions for Inquiry:

Why has immigration continued to be a controversial issue?
How have atttudes towards immgration changed over time?


Immigration, Refugees, Asylum

Subject Headings:

Immigration--History---United States

Dewey Decimal Classification(s):

304.8 United States--Emigration and immigration
331.5 Migrant agricultural laborers--United States
973 United States history
973.04 United States history-- immigrant groups

Key Books


304.8 N The newest Americans (5 volumes) Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2003. Summary: The set looks at 34 national groups, that, according to the U.S. Bureau of Immigration, represent the largest number of immigrants to the U. S. since 1965. Topics covered include illegal immigrants naturalized citizens, and American attitudes towards immigration.
304.809 F Flanders, Stephen A. Atlas of American migration N.Y.: Facts on File, 1998 Summary: Atlas of American Migration depicts how immigration and internal migration played a central role in American history. Weaving together a rich source of learning devices, including primary sources (personal narratives and diaries, and extracts from speeches, folk songs, treaties, and legislation), biographies, chronologies, and timelines, this atlas explores the migration of Native Americans, African Americans, Eastern Europeans, South Americans, and peoples of the Caribbean. This book is a "must" for the new history curricula.

306.4 ENC Encyclopedia of multiculturalism ( 6 volumes )N.Y.: Marshall Cavendish, 1993. Summary: The set for mddle-school and high school students recognizes and celebrates American culturaldiversity. Much of the information students need for historical research on a variety of subjects is found here.

325 A Benton, Barbara Ellis Island: a pictoral history N.Y.: Facts on File, 1985. Summary: Ms. Benton covers Ellis Island's history from the late 1800s to 1985, using many period pictures.The book advocated restoration of Ellis Island as an immigration museum site.


304.873 BRO Brownstone, David M. Facts about American immigration N.Y. H.W. Wilson Co., 2001

304.8 BYE Byers, Ann. The History of U.S. Immigration Coming to America. Berkeley Heights, NJ: Enslow Publishers, 2006 Summary: The book covers immigration from the earliest times to the present.Topics include reasons for immigration, harships encountered and attitudes toward immigration.

304.8 C Coan, Peter Morton. Ellis Island interviews. N.Y: Facts on File, 1997 Summary: Through the use of these interviews, Mr. Coan reminds some of their immigrant roots. He shows the reader the negative attitudes their ancestors faced when they arrived here.

304.8 HER Hernandez, Romel. Immigration from Central America Philadelphia, Pa. : Mason Crest Publishers, 2004 Summary: Due to changes in Canadian and U.S. immigration laws during the 1960s, more Latinos immigrated to North America. The immigrants discuss country of origin, reasons for coming, and how well they have succeeded.

304.8RIN Rinker, Kimberly.Immigration from the Dominican Republic.Philadelphia: Mason Crest Publishers, 2004

304.8 TEI Teichmann, Iris.Immigration and asylum. North Mankato, MN: Smart Apple Media, 2004

305.895 F Faderman, Lillian. I begin my life all over the hmong and the American immigrant experience. Boston, MA: Beacon Press, 1998
Summary: Thirty six Hmong immigrants from Laos adjust to their new life in California in the 1990's interspersed with the author's mother's immigration from Eastern European shetls in the 1930s.

325.73 A Allen, Leslie Liberty: the Statue of Liberty and the American dream N Y.: The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Foundation , 1985. Summary: Using lavish photographs from National Geographic and period photographs, the book brings to life the dreams of immigrants the Statue welcomes as well as the Statue itself.

325.73 ILL Illegal immigration NY.: Greenhaven Press, 2003. Summary: Various sides of the illegal immigration are debated.

331.5 KEN Kent, Deborah Migrant farmworkers: hoping for a better life. Chanhassen, MN.: Childs World, 2005 Summary: The migrant famworkers' plight in the U.S. is explored.

810.9 BUT Butterflty's voices from the Haitian dyaspora in the United States. NY.: Soho Press, 2001.Summary; The book contains numerous poems , stories, and letters by individuals whose Haitian experiences helped to shape them.

325.73 USI U. S. immigration and migration primary sources. N.Y. : Thomson Gale, 2004. Summary: The documents are presented in chronological order and include the Maryland Toleration Act, the Treaty of Fort Stanwix, the Homestead Act of 1862, Ozawa v. United States, California Proposition 187,

920 OUT Outman, James ed. U.S. Immigration and Information Services. 2 volumes N.Y.: Thomson Gale, 2004. Summary: Gr 7-10. Almanac opens with an overview of immigration to and migration patterns within the U.S. and current theories about Pre-Columbian migrations to North America. Separate, well-written chronological chapters cover from the early arrival of the Spanish and English to the more recent immigration of Latino and Caribbean groups.

973 AMP Amparano, Julie Americam latinos: their rich history, culture, and traditions Chanhassen, MN: Childs World, 2005

973 KEN Kent, Deborah Cuban refugees: Cuban roots, American freedoms. Chanhassen, MN: Childs World, 2005


FIC ALV Alvarez, Julia How the Garcia girls lost their accents N.Y.: Penguin, 1992. Summary: The four Garcia women embrace American culture by dating American men, smoking etc. while forgetting their Spanish and their accents.

SS I Imagining America: stories from the promised land. N.Y.: Persea books, 1991. Summary: This multicultural anthology of thirty-seven short stories from 1900 to the present follows the waves of immigratin intoa nd the migration with the US and reflects the astonishng richness and diversity of American culture. This collection draws from many ethnic sources, including Chinese, Irish, Jewish, and Korean writers just to name a few.

Magazine Articles

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• Online:

"Scenic, but not secure" Economist 26 August 2007
Edsall, Thomas. "Border politics" National Journal 10 February 2007


Web Sites:

Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs
U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services


VC 305.4 1880-1920: immigration, new work and new roles: Women in American life program 2 Windsor CA: National Women's History Project, 1988 Summary: Immigrat women build new lives in burgeoning cities and take work in industrializing Northeast.

VC 305.8 AFR African Americans: peoples of North America. Bala Cynwyd PA: Schlessinger, 1993. Summary: Video explores the life of an Afro-American family.The video includes interviews with historians who examine the impact of ethnic culture on the U.S.

VC 305.8 JAP Japanese Americans: peoples of North America. Bala Cynwyd PA: Schlessinger, 1993. Summary: Video explores the life of an Japanese-American family.The video includes interviews with historians who examine the impact of ethnic culture on the U.S.

VC 305.8 KOR Korean Americans: multicultural peoples of North America. Bala Cynwyd, PA: Schlessinger 1993. Summary: Video explores the life of an Korean-American family. The video includes interviews with historians who examine the impact of ethnic culture on the U.S.




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