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Oceanography is the multidisciplinary study of the sea. The science of the sea includes the following disciplines: physical oceanography, marine biology, marine geology, and marine chemistry. A young scientific discipline, oceanography has impacted the understanding of the oceans, its inhabitants, the earth’s evolution and its tectonic process, as well as global environment and climate. Oceanography is also important in the understanding of such concerns as global warming, exploration of underwater energy resources, coastal protection, fisheries conservation, marine pollution and national defense strategies.

Questions for Inquiry:

  • Why is it important to study the oceans?
  • What is the role of the oceans in global warming?
  • What are the oceans’ resources and how do they impact on the world’s economy?
  • What is man’s impact on ocean life?

Key words:

oceans, oceanography, marine life, marine ecology, marine science, climate, global warming, environment, plate tectonics
Subject headings and Dewey Decimal Classification(s):
Earth sciences -- 550
Marine biology – 578.77
Marine ecology – 578.77
Marine pollution – 363.739
Marine resources – 333.91, 591.77
Oceans – 551.46
Ocean resource economics – 333.91, 622
Oceanography – 551.46
Underwater exploration -- 627

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• Print:

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• Online:

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Research Databases. Date accessed: 8 March 2007


ADEOS Ocean Project
NASA Oceanography
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Web Sites: – Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution –National Geographic Magazine


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"Earth Science for Students: Oceanography"

"The Endless Voyage: Dirty Water"

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Gateway National Recreation Area:
New York Aquarium:
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Curriculum Standards Related to This Topic:

Standard 4: Students will understand and apply scientific concepts, principles, and theories pertaining to the physical setting and living environment and recognize the historical development of ideas in science.

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