Name of Collection: Poetry

School Name: P.S. 84- The Steinway School

Address: 22-45 41 Street Astoria, NY 11105

Phone: 718-278-1915

Fax: 718-932-4649

Librarian: Elizabeth O'Brien

Librarian's e-mail:

Introduction: Douglas Florian is a New York City Public school educated poet and today he is the famous writer of many well know poetry books. This collection is meant to offer the best collection of poetry books to all New York City public school children, in hopes of creating the next best poet.

Questions for Inquiry: Who is Douglas Florian?

Keywords: poetry, poems, nursery rhymes, riddles

Subject Headings: poetry

Dewey Decimal Classification(s): 811

Key Books On the Wing, Beast Feast,Mammalabila,Bow Wow Meow Meow, Winter Eyes, In The Swim, Insectlopedia, Lizards, Frogs Polliwogs


Non-fiction: Meet the Author - Douglas Florian

Animal books can be used to highlight real pictures and facts with the poems

Fiction: A Pig is Big by Douglas Florian

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