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Introduction: The Reconstruction Period started after the Civil War. The time frame for this period is 1865 to 1877. However, our collection covers 1865 to 1928. This enables the library to cover the Great Migration, The Niagra Movement, The Indian Wars & The First Stage Of The Womens Movement.

Questions for Inquiry: 1. What are the core books on Reconstruction? 2. Are there relable websites for this period.

Keywords: a) Jim Crow b)Reconstruction c) Voting Rights d) Niagra Movement e) Great Migration, & f) Segregation.

Subject Headings: US History- Civil War, US History- Reconstruction, Great Plains Indian Wars, Civil Rights.

Dewey Decimal Classification(s): 305, 326, 331, 973, 780, 782

Key Books

Reference: Encyclopedia of American Indian Wars 1492-1890. By Jerry Keenan. "This book analyzes the many indirect changes in Indian life styles caused by settlers, such as firemarms, and the changed balance of power between the native tribes." W.W. Norton & Company NY 1997.


1. Brotherhoods of Color: Black Railroad Workers & the Struggle for Equality. By Eric Arnesen. "When I was a boy watching my father & his crew building the Waycross & Western rail road, the work itself was an art form: singing, dancing, & laughing, repartee. I concluded then & there there the best way to be black was to be a railroad man." Ossie Davis. Harvard Univerity Press 2001. (331.60)

2. Eyewitnesses to the Indian Wars 1865-1890 Vol 3: Conquering the Southern Plains. By Peter Cozzens. This is a book of first hand accounts of plains warfare please keep this in mind. StockPole Books Mechanicsburg PA.

3. From Jim Crow to Civil Rights: THE SUPREME COURT AND THE STRGGLE FOR RACIAL EQUALITY. This is the written history of the legal strategies employed from 1880's straight through to the 1960's. Oxford Press 2004.

4. Remembering Jim Crow: African Americans Tell about Life in the Segregated South. Edited by William H. Chafe. Contains Rare photographs on the segregated South 2001.

5 Story of the Little Big Horn. by W.A. Graham. a very detailed account of a reckless commander on a doomed mission who's death increased the suffering of the first people of this land.StackPole Books 1994

5. Trouble They Seen: The Story of Reconstruction In the words of African Americans. Edited by Dorothy Sterling. "Focus on the renaissance of the freed slaves in the fields of education, economics, & Culture. All of this is folded into the acts of white efforts to undue all the gains of the freedmen. DA CAPO Press 1994

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Web Sites:

1. Freedmen's bureau supervised all relief and educational activites rating to freedmen.

2. Nicodemus, Kansas is an all back town settled by former slaves in 1877.





1. A & E Biography Frederick Douglass, A & E TV 1994 (NR)

2. American Civil War: Reconstruction, Ohanna Learning, HI 2001.

3. Color Purple. Warner Bros 1985 (PG)

4. Meet The Musicians's Joplin. Frank Cento Poductions 1999 (NR)

6. SCOTTSBORO: An American Tragedy WGBH Eucation Foundation 2005 (NR)

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