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Introduction: This is a listing of books, videos and DVDs, on Southeast Asia. Countries included are Japan, Thailand, Loas, Israel, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, and Indonesia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Nepal

Questions for Inquiry:

Identify the countries of Southeast Asia?
In which areas did early Asian civlizations develop?
Which civilizations developed east of the Caspian sea?
What are some of the geographical features of Southeast Asian countries?
What are the cultural differences of Southeast Asian countries?
Are there differences in religious beliefs among Southeast Asian countries?
How are the governments organized in the countries of Southeast Asia?
What are some of the main products of Southeast Asian economies?

Dewey Decimal Classification (s):



  • Southeast Asia
  • Asian civilizations
  • China
  • East Asia
  • Genghis Khan
  • Souteast Asian Cooking
  • Southeast Asian Art
  • Cambodia
  • Pakistan
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • Indonesia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Kazakhstan

Subject Headings:

  • Southeast Asia
  • Southeast Asia - Immigration and Emigration
  • Ethnology- Southeast Asia,
  • Vietnam War
  • Mongols - History
  • South Asia
  • Developing countries - Social conditions
  • Folklore-Southeast Asia
  • Developing countries - Econimic conditions
  • Developing countries - Foreign Relations
  • Philippines - Social Life and Customs;
  • Philippines-Juvenile Literature
  • Pol Pot
  • Cambodia History - 1975


  • R950: Encyclopedia of Ancient Asian Civilizations/Charles F.W. Higham
  • R330: The Dictionary of the Global Economy
  • R291.1 A Dictionary of Asian Mythology/David Adams Leerning
  • R200.3: Merriam Webster's Encyclopedia of World Religions.
  • 947MIL: Cultural Atlas of Russia and the Former Soviet Union/Robin Milner-Gulland


305.4 - Women in the World of Southeast Asia/Autumn Libal. 2005
Describes the Historical and contemporary lives of Southeast Asian women, .
their religious, family and public lives.

R950 - Encyclopedia of Ancient Asian Civilizations/Charles F. Higham. 2004
Contains a comprehensive study into the ancient Asian civilizations from approximately
3000 B.C. and includes a history of the region.

950.4 - The Pacific Rim: East Asia at the dawn of a new century/Elaine Pascoe.
Examines the history and current economic and polictical importance of Japan, China, Taiwan, the Koreans
Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

303.6 Militant Islam in the Southeast Asia:Crucible of terror/Zachary Abuza
Explains how al-Qaeda has capitalized on lax security, corrupt bureaucracies, and legitimate grievnaces of Islamic groups in
Southeast Asia.

953.6 A historical atlas of Kuwait/Kurt Ray
Photagraphs, text, and historical and contemporary maps help to chronicle the history of Kuwait.

306 Endangered peoples of Southeast and Eas Asia: struggles to survive and thrive.
Introduces fourteen endangered cultures in Southeast and East Asia, discussing the threats posed to them by tourism..

304.809 The history of emigration from China & Southeast Asia/Katherine Prior.
Presents a history of emigration from China and Southeast Asia while also detailing accounts of the immigrants' esperiences
and emphazing their positive input in their new countries.

641.5 Hot sour salty sweet: a culinary journey through Southeast Asian dishes covering all courses.
Over 175 recipies of Southeast Asian dishes are listed; soups, desserts and photos of the suthors "culinary travels" along the Mekong River.Barack Obama : the politics of hope

973.9 Barack Obama: the politics of hope.
A well written biography which discusses Obams's early childhood in Indonesia. Also includes timelines, colorful sidesbars, chapter notes, print and online sources. Excerpts of speeches are also included.

909 The Third world/David M. Hangen (ed.)
Opposing viewpoints on the issues of developing countries with emphasis on South East Asia, African and Latin American countries.
Highlights problems of overpopulation, AIDS and hunger, and effects of globalization.

931 Ancient history of China/Sheila Hollihan-Elliot
This is a comprehensive study of the development of the Chinese civilization. Includes the Han Dynasty, the early Bronze and Iron cultures.

959704 Dear America: Letters horme from Vietnam/W.W. Norton
These are the personal letters and poems of soldiers on tour of duty in Vietnam written to their family and friends.They reflect the horrors of war.

Magazine Articles

National Geographic
Grolier Encyclopedia
World Book Encyclopedia


ProQuest Platinum, Thompson Gale Databases,

Web Sites - Southeast Asian Countries - Asia Times Online - Association of Southeast Asian Nations. - Local Government in Southeast Asia.


Cambodia, Cultures of the World: Laos; Malaysia & Southern Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam,Vietnam War, Southeast Asia, Southeast Asia: Land and Resources: Southeast Asia: The People; Pilot guide to the Philippines.

Commmunity Resources:

(1) Asian Society
725 Park Avenue @70th Street
New York, NY 10021
(2) Japan Society
333 East 47th Street
New York, NY 10017
(212) 832-1155
(3) Weatherhead East Asian Institute
Columbia University
420 West 118th Street, 9th Fl
New York, Ny 10021
(212)854-2592 (Phone) (212) 749-1497 (Fax)

Curriculum Standards Related to This Topic:

  • Standards for Social Studies Standard 2-World History
Students will use a variety of intellectual skills to demonstrate their understanding of major ideas, eras, themes, developments, and turning points in world history and examine the broad sweep of history from a variety of perspectives
  • Standards for Social Studies Standard 3-Geography:
Students will use a variety of intellectual skills to demonstrate their understanding of the geography of the interdependent world in which we live—local, national, and global—including the distribution of people, places, and environments over the Earth’s surface.