Name of Collection: Teen Health and Fitness

School Name: Booker T. Washington MS 54

Address: 103 West 107th St., New York, NY 10025

Phone: 212-678-2861 ext. 333

Fax: 212-316-0883

Librarian: Ms. Elizabeth K. Goldfarb

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The Teen Health & Fitness collection contains print and visual material of interest to young teens, teachers and parents on the topics of physical and emotional health. Materials on nutrition, body image, puberty, healthy choices, fitness and exercise are included. Topics also include eating disorders, stress, anxiety and anger management, bullying, family and peer relationships, lesbian and gay issues, asthma, diabetes, and chronic illnesses, drug, tobacco and alcohol abuse. A limited number of curriculum kits and video or DVD's are available on addiction, peer relationships, pregnancy and birth, and emotions.

Questions for Inquiry: Am I normal? How do teens grow and develop physically and emotionally? What sports, exercises and diet will keep me healthy and fit? How can I help a friend who is using drugs, alcohol, smoking, having sex or engaged in risky behavior ? What can I do about my moods and emotions: anger, stress, sadness, depression, anxiety? How do I make and keep friends? What are guys/girls really like? How can I get along with my family? What if someone I know has cancer, asthma, diabetes, STD, AIDS ? How can I prepare for disasters: flood, hurricane, terrorists, tornado?


teen health, boy-girl issues, stress, bullying, friends, depression, anger management, exercise, diet, nutrition, smoking, alcohol, drugs, sex, puberty, cliques, obesity, food pyramid, AIDS.

Subject Headings:

Academic Achievement-psychological aspects, Adolescent Psychology, Alcoholism, Anger, Anxiety, Body image, Competition (psychology), Dating, Drug Abuse, Exercise, Health, Homosexuality, Interpersonal Communication, Nutrition, Obesity, Pregnancy, Self-Acceptance, Stress (physiology), Stress (psychology), Substance Abuse, Suicide prevention, Teenagers-Health & Hygiene, Vitamins

Dewey Decimal Classification(s):

152-158 Stress management, making friends
304-306 Teen pregnancy, lesbian and gay teens
362-370 HIV and AIDS, smoking, drugs, alcohol addiction, obesity, teen violence
612-618 Puberty, sex education, food and nutrition, physical fitness, sports medicine, exercise, drugs, tobacco, obesity, diets, anxiety disorders, diabetes, cancer, sexually transmitted diseases,
793-796 Sports nutrition, soccer, dance

Key Books


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Body Image:
FIC A Aronson, Sarah. Head Case.
Seventeen-year-old Frank Marder struggles to deal with the aftermath of an accident he had while driving drunk that killed two people, including his girlfriend, and left him paralyzed from the neck down.
FIC B Brooks, Kissing the Rain.
Fifteen-year-old Moo Nelson, shy, overweight, and bullied by his classmates, finds his life spinning out of control after he witnesses a car chase and a fight that results in a murder
FIC G Going, K.L. Fat Kid Rules the World.
Seventeen-year-old Troy, depressed, suicidal, and weighing nearly three hundred pounds, gets a new perspective on life when Curt, a semi-homeless teen who is a genius on guitar, asks Troy to be the drummer in a rock band.
PB FIC P Porter, Tracey. A Dance of Sisters.
Although almost totally consumed by her ballet training and her obsession with controlling her weight, thirteen-year-old Delia finds time to worry about her strange and rebellious older sister Pearl, who has been sent away to a private school.
PB FIC W Westerfeld, Scott. Uglies.
Tally is faced with a difficult choice when her new friend Shay decides to risk life on the outside rather than submit to the forced operation that turns sixteen year old girls into gorgeous beauties, and realizes that there is a whole new side to the pretty world that she doesn't like.
Dealing with Death:
FIC A Asher, Jay. Thirteen Reasons Why: a Novel.
High school student Clay Jenkins receives a box in the mail containing seven cassette tapes recorded by his crush, Hannah Baker, who committed suicide, and spends a bewildering and heartbreaking night crisscrossing their town, listening to Hannah's voice recounting the events leading up to her death.
FIC C Chalifour, Francis. After
Francis is called home to Montreal from a school trip in New York to learn that his father has committed suicide, marking the beginning of a year of guilt, anger, grief, and sadness that he survives with the help of friends, family, and counseling.
PB FIC C Crutcher, Chris. Chinese Handcuffs
Still troubled by his older brother's violent suicide, eighteen-year-old Dillon becomes deeply involved in the terrible secret of his friend Jennifer, who feels she can tell no one what her stepfather is doing to her.
FIC V VandeVelde, Vivian. Remembering Raquel.
After Raquel is killed in a car accident, her fellow classmates, friends, and family members, as well as the woman responsible for her death, reflect on Raquel's life and how her passing has changed their own lives.
Mental Illness:
PB 811 S Sones, Sonya. Stop Pretending: what happened when my big sister went crazy.
A younger sister has a difficult time adjusting to life after her older sister has a mental breakdown
FIC T Trueman, Terry. Inside Out.
A sixteen-year-old with schizophrenia is caught up in the events surrounding an attempted robbery by two other teens who eventually hold him hostage.
PB FIC V Vizzini, Ned. It’s Kind of a Funny Story.
New York City teenager Craig Gilner succumbs to academic and social pressures at an elite high school and enters a psychiatric hospital after attempting suicide.
PB FIC W Weeks, Sarah. So B. It: a Novel
After spending her life with her mentally retarded mother and agoraphobic neighbor, twelve-year-old Heidi sets out from Reno, Nevada, to New York to find out who she is.
FIC B Booth, Coe. Tyrell
Fifteen-year-old Tyrell, who is living in a Bronx homeless shelter with his spaced-out mother and his younger brother, tries to avoid temptation so he does not end up in jail like his father.
PB FIC F Flake, Sharon. Who Am I Without Him.
Features twelve short stories about male and female teenage relationships that are challenged and either succeed or fail.
FIC M FFIC M Myers, Walter Dean. What they Found: Love on 145th Street.
F Fifteen interrelated stories explore different aspects of love, such as a dying father's determination to help start a family business-- a beauty salon --and the relationship of two teens who plan to remain celibate until they marry.
FIC S Soto, Gary. Accidental Love.
After unexpectedly falling in love with a "nerdy" boy, fourteen-year-old Marisa works change her life by transferring to another school, altering some of her behavior, and losing weight
Peer Pressure:
PB FIC C Codell, Esme. Vive la Paris.
Fifth-grader Paris learns some lessons about dealing with bullies of all kinds as she wonders how to stop a classmate from beating up her brother at school and as she learns about the Holocaust from her piano teacher, Mrs. Rosen.
FIC C Cormier, Robert. The Chocolate War.
A high school freshman discovers the devastating consequences of refusing to join +in the school's annual fund raising drive and arousing the wrath of the school bullies.
FIC K Koja, Kathe. Buddha Boy.
Justin spends time with Jinsen, the unusual and artistic new student whom the school bullies torment and call Buddha Boy, and ends up making choices that impact Jinsen, himself, and the entire school.
FIC L Laser, Michael. Cheater: a Novel.
When brilliant high school student Karl Petrovsky gets talked into participating in an elaborate cheating operation at his school, he ends up involved in a bigger problem than he ever anticipated.
FIC P Pixley, Marcella. Freak.
Twelve-year-old Miriam, poetic, smart, and quirky, is considered a freak by the popular girls at her middle school, and she eventually explodes in response to their bullying, revealing an inner strength she did not know she had.
FIC S Spinelli, Jerry. Stargirl.
Stargirl, a teen who animates quiet Mica High with her colorful personality, suddenly finds herself shunned for her refusal to conform.


*Consumer Reports on Health. From Consumer Reports, Advice on health, food and beauty products, nutrition, exercise, controlling your appetite, aspirin and your heart, diets and more.
Discovery Girls Magazine: Magazine created for and by girls ages 7-12! Discovery Girls is a forum for girls to both express their ideas/dreams and address their fears. With articles on middle school challenges, inspiring stories about exceptional teens, sports, contests, quizzes, "embarrassing moments", fashion, more! Recent issue includes an article on: "Friendships Gone Wrong: How to Deal."
Health- Provides articles and how-to recipes, exercises, sports injuries, diseases and health concerns, fitness interviews, Q/A about health.
Teen Voices- Topical articles on health. April 2008 issue includes: "Stressed out? How, Why and What to Do," "Bedtime Stories: Getting the zzzzs You Need," "Health Dot Com," "The Lowdown on Stress, Anxiety and Panic," "Out of Breath? Teens with Asthma Get the Word OUt," and "I Can't Live Without It: Dealing with Addiction."


EBSCOHost . The New York Public Library, Electronic Databases, available online at MiddleSearch. Full text magazine and journal articles on teen physical and emotional health and wellness. Articles on the new food pyramid, exercise, diet, puberty, substance abuse.
Rosen Teen Health & Wellness. Available online from the New York Public Library. Full text articles written for teens and parents about teens physical and emotional health. Includes substance abuse, eating disorders, anger management, diseases, puberty and growth.

Web Sites:

Health Information Project Mid-Hudson Library System (
Free and reliable consumer health information including web sites, access to newspapers and magazines. Includes general health, mental health, drugs, and topic specific sites.Recommended videos, informational books and annotated fiction titles for teens.
About.Com: Teen Advice. Adolescent health issues including depression, asthma, tobacco and drug use, sexual behavior, injuries, nutrition, physical activity, youth violence.
FDA: U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Health information for teens. Includes topics of drugs, performance enhancement products, cosmetic safety, tattooing and body piercing. (
Health.Com. Health Magazine presents articles and quizzes on fitness, recipes, exercise, beauty. Free newsletters online. ( ) Information for children and teens on their changing body, emotions, sexual health, diseases, drugs and alcohol, school and jobs, staying safe. ( )
MedlinePlus. A service of the U.S, National Library and the National Institute. Start with Health Guide for America’s Teens. ( )
New York State,Dept. of Health, Healthy Lifestyles and Prevention, Information on Adaptive Fun, Physical Fitness, Nutrition, Laws and Regulations, Grants, and more. (
NOAH: New York Online Access to Health. Topics in English and Spanish. ( ) Information from experts on emotions, health, families, sex, friends and more. Includes a growth and BMI calculation and “crisis call” information. ( )
Teen Link. New York Public Library. Includes access to Rosen Teen Health and Wellness database. Also book lists, programs, homework help. (


Addiction and the Human Brain. Mount Kisco, NY: Human Relations Media. C 2007. DVD. Illustrated the complex structure and function of the human brain and explores the impact of drugs on teens. Includes pre-post tests, curriculum starters, animated and live action sequences. Grades 7-college. DVD.
Am I Normal? Teens and Emotional Health. Minn.MN: Human Relations Media, 2007. 22 minute DVD, closed captioned. Teacher’s Resource book, pre and post tests.
My Food Pyramid: simple steps to healthy living. Silver Springs, MD: Discover Communications, c 2006. DVD. Provides information on the right balance between food and exercise, describes the six basic food groups and more.
Suppose That Was Me. Alexis Feldheim, writer; Dutch Doscher, director. Sunburst Technology Corp, 2004. Video & Teacher's Resource Book, live action video, curriculum guide, pre and post test; explore common teen issues: bullying, cheating, anger management.

Community Resources:

Ryan Health Center housed at Booker T. Washington MS 54. An extension clinic for DTC. Provides medical exams and inoculations, first aid, information on nutrition, eating disorders, asthma, cancer, STD, and substance abuse. Referrals to other organizations and medical facilities.

Curriculum Standards Related to This Topic:

*An asterisk next to material indicates that it is recommended in this subject area but not available in this CCD collection.