Name of Collection: Telecommunications (High School)

School Name: HS of Telecommunication, Arts & Technology

Address: 350 67th Street

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Librarian: William Daniel

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Telecommunications encompasses many technologies and is one of the most rapidly advancing subjects in the world today. This pathfinder covers many areas such as - Internet; Web; Online; LANs; WANs; Satellite; Cable; Cellular; Wireless; WiFi; and much, much more!


  • Telecommunication(s) (Telecom)
  • Internet / Intranet
  • Web (World Wide Web)
  • Online
  • Satillite
  • LAN / WAN
  • Wireless / WiFi
  • Cable
  • Cellular

Subject Headings:
Telecommunications, Internet, Satillite, Wireless, Computer Technology.
Dewey Decimal Classification(s):
004, 005, 384

Key Books:

Derfler, Frank J.and Les Freed. How Networks Work. Emeryville, CA: Ziff-Davis Press, 1993.
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Miller, Michael. Googlepedia: The Ultimate Google Resource. Indianapolis, IN: Que publishing, 2007.
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Rojas, Raul ed. Encyclopedia of Computers and Computer History. New York: The Moschovitis Group, 2001.

Web Sites:

Computer Literacy.
How Stuff Works: The Telecommunications Library.
The Computer Museum History Center.
The Tech Museum of Innovation.

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