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Introduction: Women's Studies are intergral to the many disciplines covered in the New York State curriculum. This pathfinder is intended to guide students, teachers and librarians through the many valuable resources available both within the John Dewey High School Library and beyond.

Questions for Inquiry:

  1. How have women's roles changed throughout history and in different regions and cultures?
  2. How has the American woman's movement changed since it's inception?
  3. Who are the women who led the women's movement in America?
  4. Who are some key female figures in world history?
  5. What are the main issues that affect women's rights today?

Keywords: Female, Feminism, Gender, Women's Studies, Women.

Subject Headings: Feminism, Sex Roles, Women -- History, Women's Movement, Women's Rights.

Dewey Decimal Classification: 305.4 separated by categories: Arts, Biography, Education, Employment, Foreign, Health, History, Law, Politics, Psychology, Religion, Science, Society and Culture and Sports.

Key Books


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Magazine Articles

*Astrid, Henry. "Feminist Deaths and Feminism Today." PMLA. Publications of the Modern Language Association of America. October 2006: 1717.

*Fixmer, Natalie. "The Personal is Still Political: Embodied Politics in Third Wave Feminism." Women's Studies in Communication Fall 2005: 235-258.

*Thomas, Lesley. "What Women Want is to Bake Their Cakes and Eat Them." The Daily Telegraph. May 27, 2006: 22.


ProQuest Database: ***See librarian for login information.

Web Sites:

" is an eleven-year-old activist community and portal of resources and information that supports women's equality, justice, wellness and safety. The web site was founded to initiate and facilitate grassroots mobilization, networking and communication around important political, health and educational issues related to women. Our web site is dedicated to promoting and sustaining women's well-being through the principles embodied in our motto: 'Awareness, Education, Activism and Empowerment'".

"The Feminism and Women's Studies site, one of 44 websites hosted by the EServer, was first designed in 1993 by members of the Carnegie Mellon University Women's Center. The site is not solely an academic web site, nor is it "nonacademic." Instead, it contains documents and links to quality information which represent the perspective of previous editors (who solicited resources that represent a cultural studies view) on women's studies."

"WSSLINKS [is] developed and maintained by the Women's Studies Section of the Association of College & Research Libraries. The purpose of WSSLINKS is to provide access to a wide range of resources in support of Women's Studies."

*All descriptions of websites are quoted directly from the site.


1) Great Women of the 20th Century. Disney Educational Productions.

2) A Woman's Place. Time, Inc.

3) Listening to America : Women in Politics. Films for the Humanities and Sciences.

Community Resources:

*Brooklyn Public Library.
*New York Public Library.
*Queens Borough Public Library.
*National Organization for Women.
*Equality Now.
*Third Wave Foundation

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New York State Learning Standards: Social Studies

New York State Learning Standards: English Language Arts

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