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This collection encompasses mechanics, thermal physics, electromagnetism, light and optics, modern physics

Questions for Inquiry:

What are the basic concepts and fundamental laws of physics?
How can time travel be realized?
How do extra dimensions impact our lives?


Astrophysics, Biophysics, Electricity, Electronics, Gases, Geophysics, Gravitation, Hydraulics, Hydrostics, Light, Liquids, Magnetism, Matter, Mechanics, Music - Acoustics and Physics, Nuclear Physics, Optics, Physical Chemistry, Pneumatics, Quantum Theory, Radiation, Radioactivity, Relativity, Solids, Sounds, Statics, Thermodynamics.

Subject Headings:

Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Electromagnetism, Light and Optics, Modern Physics.

Dewey Decimal Classification(s):

530 Physics
531 Classical Mechanics solid mechanics
532 Fluid Mechanics liquid mechanics
533 Gas mechanics
534 Sound & related vibration
535 Light & paraphotic phenomena
536 Heat
537 Electricity
538 Magnetism
539 Modern Physics

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Magazine Articles

• Print:

• Online:

American Scientist homepage
Physics Today Online

Science Magazine Online
Scientific American


Physics-related Free- Access Journals
Science Direct (Library web page) offers over 1,100 journals with 2 million abstracts.

Web Sites:

Physics 2000 "an interactive journey through modern physics"



A Life of Time: Physics and Chonology. Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2001.

The Best of Conceptual Physics Alive by Paul Hewitt. Arbor Scientific, 2004.


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Physics: The Standard Deviants Core Curriculum (4 videodiscs including teacher's guide) Films for the Humanities and Sciences, 2002.

Community Resources:

American Museum of Natural History, The Rose Center, 79th Street & Central Park West

The New York Public Library The Research Libraries: Humanities and Social Sciences Library, 5th Avenue & 42nd Street

Science, Industry and Business Library, 188 Madison Avenue (34th Street)

Curriculum Standards Related to This Topic: New York State Learning Standard 4 Science Physical Setting

3. Matter is made up of particles whose properties determine the observable characteristics of matter and its reactivity.
5. Energy and matter interact through forces that result in changes in motion.
4. Energy exists in many forms and when these forms change energy is conserved.